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HMRC Issue

We became involved in an HMRC procedure, and were directed by Croner Taxwise Ltd to Chris Leslie, and without doubt, the best move we made in the process was to appoint Chris, his experience, attention to detail, and technical knowledge was invaluable in preparing, presenting, and negotiating a closure with HMRC. (Chris, to coin a phrase, was Robust). We appreciated his help.

D Billingsley, Financial Director (March 25, 2021)

MNX Security Ltd

HMRC Specialist Investigations - New Agency PAYE Regulations (North East)

Following an initial meeting with HMRC Specialist Investigations we were informed that the New Agency Legislation was obligatory. Our accountant referred us to Chris Leslie of Tax Networks Ltd.

Following the submission of his factual Report, with appendices of evidence and particulars, which he hand-delivered during a meeting with HMRC the case was dropped as the technical unit decided not to pursue their lines of Enquiry.

Without doubt, it was Chris’s level of knowledge and expertise that was pivotal in changing the outcome of this case. He was formidable throughout whilst maintaining professionalism and etiquette.


D Bennett, Director (March 29, 2017)

Lugano Developments Ltd

HMRC High Net Worth Unit Tax Enquiries - Offshore Matters

Over the years Chris Leslie/Tax Networks Ltd has represented me in three separate complex tax investigations by HMRC Specialist Investigations and also the High Net Worth Unit's CRM.

Every Enquiry was settled without any tax adjustment whatsoever.

Chris's technical knowledge, strategy and tax investigations advice in settling all these matters was excellent.

Allan Rankin, Director (March 8, 2017)


Swiss Bank Disclosure Protocol (Newcastle upon Tyne)

I had to deal with a family problem of an inherited legacy involving the Swiss Disclosure Facility. I have to admit I was very concerned about the process and outcome. Fortunately Chris was recommended to me. From the outset I found Chris reassuring, friendly and helpful. He produced an extremely detailed report which was complimented upon for its thoroughness by HMRC SI offshore disclosure unit and as a result both the Swiss Disclosure unit and the IHT Unit accepted that there was no tax irregularity and no tax liability. An incredibly pleasing result, but almost more importantly throughout the whole process I felt safe and secure knowing that Chris was on my side.

C Wood, Ophthalmologist (June 23, 2014)


HMRC Property Campaign (National)

Chris advised us in making a successful voluntary disclosure to HMRC following less than competent advice from an accountant that had tax consequences. Chris’s thoroughness and in-depth knowledge were exactly what was needed to bring the matter to a successful conclusion and we are extremely grateful for his help and advice.

S Bartholomew, Employed (May 18, 2014)

BMST sham trust

HMRC Counter Avoidance Directorate: CoP8 (Offshore Industry)

I have a copy of the closure letter from HMRC which is good enough for me. Thanks for all your impeccable services to finally conclude this matter (hopefully I will not require your services again?).

S Hobbart, Well Services Site ManageCompany Man (consultant) (May 16, 2014)

Life Sense Foundation

Tax Tribunal - Appeal Upheld (Lancashire UK)

We were close to losing our home and all we had worked for, on account of a complex and stressful HMRC dispute. Several previous advisers had only made matters worse, until a top lawyer we came across by chance, recommended us to Chris. Chris is a complete genius, a tax guru and as a result of a lot of hard work by Chris, he succeeded in winning us our case for not only our side but also our opponent, who was a close personal friend and previous employer in a status dispute of a landmark nature. We would strongly recommend Chris to everyone, he is a true professional, miracle worker and top notch, and you will not get better help, support, advice or ingenuity anywhere else, we didn't! Chris you are amazing, just amazing! We are eternally grateful to Chris and his second to none expertise, he is a tax genius, for sure. If Chris can't resolve your tax problem, no one can!

Karen & Carla Stevens (April 28, 2014)

Hindu Temple

Protracted HMRC Tax Penalty Sanctions (Newcastle upon Tyne)

The Temple would like to extend its gratitude to Chris Leslie from Tax Networks Ltd who assisted the Temple in some matters with HMRC saving the Temple a considerable amount of money. Chris who is a highly qualified Tax specialist and former HM Inspector gave valuable time for the Temple. We also thank Meenu Malhotra for his guidance and introducing Chris Leslie. We would recommend him highly in this field.

Sonny Vedhera, former Chair of the Trustees (April 10, 2014)

DAV Developments Limited

HMRC CT Investigation (Newcastle upon Tyne)

When we were faced with a complex tax review Chris was quickly able to identify the key issues and focussed our efforts accordingly. He easily engaged with HMRC staff which led to constructive discussions and a very satisfactory conclusion.

Adam Langman PhD FCA, Head Office Manager (April 22, 2013)

AN Other(s)

Confidentially Sensitive Information

Confidential information is used in a general sense to mean sensitive information whose access is subject to restriction, and may refer to information about an individual as well as that which pertains to a business.

Certain information is not for public record in which the release of personal or business information could have a negative effect.

Chris Leslie

For and on behalf of Tax Networks Ltd

Thoburn & Chapman Limited

HMRC CoP8 Enquiry (North East, England)

Chris has been retained to help us on a particularly tricky personal tax case that has rumbled on for years and involving some particularly underhand tactics from the other side. Chris has brought his knowledge and understanding of how HMRC can sometimes operate together with a fantastic understanding of the tribunal system to reopen a case we had believed had been lost. An outstanding result from an outstanding advisor.

Ralph Thoburn, tax partner (May 24, 2012)

Newton and Co

HMRC Local Compliance Corporate Tax Investigation (North East, England)

Chris knows his field very well. He did a first class job for one of my clients in terms of a tax investigation. Very thorough and professional.

Mark Newton, tax partner (January 27, 2012)

National Accountants

HMRC Partnership Tax Investigation and Tax Tribunal

I have known Chris for several years as we work in the same field. Chris has an extensive knowledge of employer/employee tax issues and solutions and is always happy to share his experiences and provide technical advice - which is always concise, accurate and helpful. I have also seen some of Chris's client work and he provides a first class service.

Senior Manager - Tax Investigations (October 25, 2011)

John Nisbet Associates LLP

Expert Tax Dispute Advisory Firm, National - HMRC CoP9

I have known Chris for a number of years as a colleague and a service provider. His work is expert and detailed due to his in depth knowledge of employment and income tax issues.

Steve Bartlett, tax partner (October 24, 2011)

Blu Sky Accountants

HMRC Special Investigations - Insolvency and CIS (North East, England)

Chris picked up a sticky CIS issue a good client of ours had. We felt the possibility of removal of gross payment status threatened the survival of the client. Not only did Chris win the case, he is now pursuing for compensation and the result can only have helped confirm our own credibility with the client. 10/10.

Dave Gibson, tax partner (October 21, 2011)

Begbies Traynor (Central) LLP

National - HMRC Specialist Investigations Personal Liability Notices

Chris was instructed by a Director of one of our liquidations to defend an action by HMRC to make the Director personally liable for the total and substantial NI debt of the liquidated company. Chris was successful in his defence of the claim which was then withdrawn.

Simon Lundy, Director of Insolvency (October 20, 2011)


HMRC Intervention (Sunderland, England)

Chris is very knowledgeable and experienced in his field, and a good guy to have in your corner. He is a good listener and very astute. He presents well and provides you with confidence in his ability to do his best for you at all times, as he always has for me. He is a credit to his company and on a personal note he is a likeable and genuine nice guy.

Bill Storey, Director, MD BMS Electrical Services Ltd (October 20, 2011)

John Nisbet Associates LLP

HMRC CoP9 and various investigations (Expert Tax Dispute Advisory Firm, National)

I have worked with Chris on a number of tax dispute cases. I have found him to be of the highest integrity and an expert in his field. He is always ready to look at and propose innovative solutions. He has always delivered on time and within budget.

John Nisbet, tax partner (April 26, 2011)


HMRC IR35 (London, England)

Chris has helped myself and members of the 7C Alliance with assuring we are proactive in being compliant with IR35 in our contracts, as well as aware of the tax implications with how as much as what we do in our IT contracting. With Chris you get the detail direct - and feel assured that the expertise is coming from him. I am looking forward to facilitating more reviews of my own and fellow 7C Alliance member's contracts with Chris - and to resting assured that we are not only complying with tax laws relevant to us, but are not being taxed unduly or unfairly for the scale and quality of expertise we provide as IT contractors capable of operating fully independently of who we provide our services to.

Matt Miller, Director (October 14, 2010)

St James's Place Partnership

Referrer of clients (Newcastle, England)

Chris is a high-quality tax adviser, with invaluable inside knowledge of HMRC procedures. Chris is very personable and referred client feedback is excellent. I do not hesitate to recommend Chris to clients.

Steve Adair, partner (October 2, 2009)

Insight NE Accountants

HMRC Discovery Provisions (Newcastle, England)

HM Revenue and Customs opened a tax investigation into my personal affairs. Even though I was confident that I had done nothing wrong, as an accountant I am aware that these matters cannot be taken lightly. I immediately contacted Chris for his advice which proved invaluable and led to a swift and successful conclusion to the investigation.

Jill Griffiths, BA (Hons) ACA, partner

P McKelvey & Co Accountants

HMRC Construction Industry Scheme and Employment Status Enquiry (London, England)

I have now received the closure letter from HMRC. Excellent news, the status case closed with all operatives agreed as self employed, a totally glorious outcome. Thank you for all your work. In appreciation of your work I Include the testimonial below which I am happy for you to use:

I contacted Chris Leslie to assist me with a large corporate client who had an ongoing status dispute with HMRC. Chris's approach is very practical and professional. Chris has a very high degree of the technical knowledge of tax case law and HMRC procedures. His attention to details and facts resulted in a very comprehensive report document and bundle of compelling evidence being prepared for HMRC which resulted in our client's assertion that operatives were self employed being upheld. An excellent result. I have no hesitation in recommending Chris. When excellence exists it should be held high as the example.

Paul McKelvey, partner

Smith Wilson Accountants

HMRC IR35 Contentious Enquiry (York, England)

I wish to convey the thanks and gratitude from Robert for your handling of the IR35 investigation on our behalf, appreciating the professional way you handled the case throughout. I always felt that I could contact you and that you had time to discuss the case which obviously gave me and our client total confidence. I will definitely use your services in the future with regard to any such enquiries and look forward to a working arrangement with your good self and your Company.

Paul Smith, partner

Wallace & Co Accountants

HMRC Status Dispute and Resolution (Hamilton, Scotland)

I wanted to write to you, to point out the excellent way in which you handled the above case and the superb outcome. As I agreed with you throughout, my client’s case was a bit out of the ordinary and I am in absolutely no doubt that without your input the result would have been adverse to the Company and would have had a detrimental impact on its future. Additionally, your knowledge shown throughout of HMRC procedures and their internal manuals etc seems to me to be a major advantage that has assisted the success and no doubt with other cases you will be working on. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to any of our clients in the future nor would I hesitate to pass on your details to other chartered accountancy firms with whom I am in contact with.

Sean O'Meara, tax partner