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Chris Leslie "as featured in The Barrister Magazine"

As I’m currently representing a couple of barristers in two separate CoP9 tax investigations I thought it was the right time to write an article.

The Barrister Magazine haven’t wasted any time and they have published my piece online. See link:-

I have spoken to the publishers of The Barrister Magazine and they said it was well written, which is why they were happy to put it straight out.

Sounds like The Barrister Magazine would be up for a follow up piece again. They have also tweeted it, and put it on Facebook.

I’m also fairly prolific publisher on Linkedin.

Clearly, my objective is to generate interest in my business and I can also now refer to the article in future approaches “as featured in The Barrister Magazine”, which should give some real kudos in what is a very closed community.