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Welcome to Tax Networks Ltd

HMRC Tax Investigations - We handle the full spectrum of HMRC tax enquiries and offshore disclosures by negotiating settlements or managing appeal proceedings at Tax Tribunal.

Tactics - Each type of HMRC enquiry requires a different response strategy and tactical appreciation. We have a particularly strong reputation for successfully dealing with tax-forensic investigations, HMRC disputes, anti avoidance (CoP8), tax fraud (CDF COP9), and the array of offshore disclosure facilities.

Insolvency, Tax Defalcations & Employment Taxes - HMRC transfer of debt is a key risk for controlling participators of close companies with liquidity issues. We have vast experience in regularising this position.

Employment Status & IR35 Enquiries - Our fact-finding methods are developed from intelligent questions and a thorough knowledge of the subject, culminating in early closure.

Tax Investigations, Anti Avoidance, and Fraud

Tax Networks Ltd provides tactical advice to professional firms and their clients seeking settlement of any UK taxes, tax planning schemes or civil investigation of fraud.

We will advise you on HMRC procedure, your rights and help you understand the issues together with HMRC's stance to assist you in making disclosures, negotiate settlement deals on your behalf, and agree a payment plan where appropriate.

Our preferred approach is by way of Alternative Dispute Resolution ("ADR") process by identifying strengths and weaknesses, then engaging HMRC to assess where their enquiry is going.

Professional firms seek our dedicated tax disputes and resolution service where their clients find themselves under enquiry by HMRC. Our advice enables the accountant or solicitor to provide an enhanced service for their client, or alternatively we advise the client directly.

We can also advise accountants, solicitors, IFAs and individual participators faced with enquiries regarding Tax Avoidance Schemes.

Tax disputes arise over the interpretation and application of tax law and about the legitimacy of tax avoidance schemes and their implementation.

HMRC recently "refreshed" their 2007 edition of the Litigation and Settlement Strategy (LSS), which now sets out the framework within which it handles tax disputes through civil rather than criminal procedures. Notably, HMRC has to explain its concerns when asking for information, rather than simply asking for a large volume of information, without any explanation.

The key areas of the new LSS are:

  • HMRC should, if possible, resolve tax disputes without litigation through Tax Tribunal;
  • Each disputed issue must be resolved on its own merits; and,
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution methods are encouraged to facilitate agreement.

When faced with a tax dispute clients have our support to ensure HMRC follows these governance procedures. Contact us for advice on how the LSS may affect you and how best to handle HMRC.